Why OPTIMAXX Storage Cases is your Storage Solutions


The OPTIMAXX heavy-duty storage cases offer many benefits Tradesmen would hope to find in a woodscrew organiser. Here are a few examples as to why OPTIMAXX storage cases are the perfect choice. OPTIMAXX offers two different storage cases which come in different sizes, having either six or twelve removable compartments to suit the variety of woodscrew you may have. These are interchangeable which gives you the opportunity to build your layout inside the organiser to your preference. The cases have a robust design to withstand the wear and tear you would expect to occur on a construction site.


Both storage cases come in an Optimaxx blue finish which have two durable metal easy-locking clips. However, the Maxi case has two additional solid plastic clips on the sides to give you the ability to connect more than one Maxi case together.

The grey handle of the Midi case is made from high-quality plastic with an ergonomic design to enable a firm grip. The Maxi case has a different style handle as it is integrated to suit being stacked with other Maxi cases, and for the heavier weight of the items you may be carrying.



The lid of both storage cases have indents to secure the compartments in place and prevent movement when being transported either in your vehicle or on site. The tight fit of the lid seals the case to protect your woodscrews from water and dust.

Both storage cases can be purchased with an assortment of OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Woodscrews offering greater value than purchasing the case and woodscrews separately. To check out the woodscrews that come in the Midi case hereĀ  http://bit.ly/Midi-Case and the Maxxi case hereĀ http://bit.ly/Maxxi-Case.

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