Top 5 Reasons to Love Optimaxx Wood Screws

The petrol stations are flooded with red roses, the supermarkets are overfilled with chocolates and you’ve had an increase in bookings from women. In case these signs weren’t obvious enough, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Love it or hate it, February is the month of love and we want to help you get in the mood with something that fills tradespeople with immense joy. A good old screw (we’re talking about wood screws, obviously).

Optimaxx Wood Screws

We understand the love you have for your tools is unconditional, so the last thing you should do is jeopardise it with low quality screws. When it comes to screws, there are a wide range of options available. But knowing how to tell the best from the mediocre can be confusing. Until now thanks to Optimaxx wood screws.

Optimaxx is a brand leading by example in the wood screw market who have taken wood screw technology to a whole new level. By incorporating all the best features that have been developed over many decades, Optimaxx is recognised as the highest performing range of wood screws in the market.

Top 5 Reasons to Love Optimaxx Wood Screws

Consistent Self-Drill Slash Point

This is a much-loved feature to the wood screws! The thread starting at the very tip ensures you have an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces. The slash point at the end of the screw is designed to pull you in smoothly and quickly whilst pulling out the material from the hole. However, what makes this unique to Optimaxx is the consistency of the angle of the slash point. The consistency ensures a fast start every time and removes the problems users sometimes experience with competitors due to an incorrectly angled slash point.

Double Reinforced Collar

There are a number of complications tradespeople face with wood screws including snapping of the head and splitting wood when working close to the edge. For this reason, Optimaxx have included a double reinforced collar designed to strengthen the underside of the head.

Sawtooth Formation

Above the self-drill point is a sharp serrated saw-tooth formation of six threads which enables a fast penetration without a pilot hole, even when working close to the edge (what’s not to love about no more pilot holes!)

Extremely Long Lasting

Using long-lasting wood screws is essential when used in areas likely to be exposed to the elements, and with most competitors failing to meet the basic 400-hour salt spray test, no other brand can out perform Optimaxx on their 500-hour test.

Deep Pozi

The troubles of drill bits slipping are long gone with Optimaxx thanks to the deep pozi. The pozi of the head has an increased depth of 1mm, a unique feature that is incredibly useful when screwing in at an angle and ensures you have a tight fit to the drill bit.

Find your local Optimaxx stockist today to treat yourself (and your toolbox) this Valentine’s Day. Does Optimaxx leave you with heart eyes? Comment below or post on our Facebook wall to spread the love.