Why you need to try OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Woodscrews

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Every individual OPTIMAXX stockists understands that our Woodscrews are becoming the number one choice for all Tradesmen that use Woodscrews daily.

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We are currently offering FREE sample packs on our website and Facebook page for all Tradesmen to get hold of. The sample packs will give you a taste of what a woodscrew is meant to be like, offering genuine application benefits through its unique features.

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When you request a FREE sample pack from us you have the choice of over 15 different woodscrew sizes and types for you to choose from. We are even offering our OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Decking Woodscrews which have been popular with all Tradesmen fitting decking. Want to know more about our decking screws and why so many Tradesmen love them?

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Have you tried them? Comment what you think about our OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Woodscrews.