What type of tradesperson are you?

Are you a perfectionist or are you too busy pranking your colleagues? Perhaps you like to take it easy on site and leave the tough jobs to the others. Take our quiz below to find out what type of tradesperson you are!

1. You’re busy on a job and you notice you’ve created a lot of mess, do you…

1. Tidy and clean up as you go? You hate to work around mess.

2. Ask the apprentice to catch dust? You fancy having a laugh.

3. Tidy up when the job is finished? You just want to get the job done.

4. Leave it? You’re paid to do the job, not clean.

2. You’re working hard and you realise you haven’t had a lunch break yet, do you…

1. Come prepared and take a bite from your sandwich? A packed lunch is easier.

2. Secretly misplace your colleague’s lunch? You couldn’t miss this chance to have a laugh!

3. Power on through? The longer you work the quicker the job will get done.

4. Ask the apprentice to get you a Mac and chips? It is their job, right?

3. A deadline is fast approaching but your mates ask you meet them down the pub to watch the football, do you…

1. Tell them you would love to, but you have to complete the job? Work is more important.

2. Watch the game online? Work can wait 5 minutes.

3. Quickly get your work out of the way? You’ve done the job and you’ve got time to join in the fun.

4. Put your tools down and head off to the pub? You weren’t actually working anyway.

4. A call comes in from a new potential customer to fix a little bit of DIY gone wrong, do you…

1. Happily oblige and leave the job absolutely flawless? You’re proud of your work and you want people to be impressed.

2. You agree to help but wind up the customer about their dodgy DIY skills? It has to be done.

3. Agree and rescue the job swiftly? Time equals money.

4. Say you can’t and give them a generic excuse? “I’d love to help but my diary is full for the next three months – nightmare!”

5. It starts pouring with rain and all your workmate’s tools are outside, do you…

1. Run outside and rescue everything? A tradesperson’s best friend is their tools.

2. Splash an unsuspecting colleague? That huge puddle was too good to resist.

3. Grab the important stuff? The rest of the tools will survive.

4. Quickly jump in your van? Someone else will grab the tools.

What type of tradesperson are you?

Mostly As: The Perfectionist. Your motto is if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. You’re prepared to put the extra work in to get it right the first time.

Mostly Bs: The Site Clown. Jokes on the job are a standard procedure for you. You like to lighten the mood with a prank or two to make the days go faster.

Mostly Cs: The Rapid Worker. You’re far from a procrastinator. You’re all about getting the job done fast so you can fit more jobs in.

Mostly Ds: The Slacker. You like to take it easy and leave the tough jobs to others.

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