Flooring Wood Screws

OPTIMAXX Flooring Wood Screws are designed with Tradesmen and their customers in mind. The flooring wood screws are designed to offer unique features to give the very best application benefits flooring screws could offer. The wood screws offer Tradesmen application benefits through several ways which include a consistent self-drill point which is consistent in all our wood screws like no other brand in the market.

Above the slash point passing the excess material up out of the hole is a three-thread saw tooth formation pattern which assists with the procedure of creating a tight fit to the joists.

An additional locking thread under the head of the wood screw prevents movement of the joists while the screw is finishing its process into the timber, which provides a high pull out resistance.

They are built from the highest grade of steel that any wood screw has to offer preventing it from snapping, head rounding off and giving it the ability to hold joists together stronger. 

A reinforced collar which is unique as it strengths the underside of the head which will prevent the head from snapping from the main body when the wood screw nearly fully entered the timber, this is a common fault in most wood screws.

Superlube coating on the flooring wood screw allows the wood screw to have a continuous fast insertion with less power required as friction is reduced. 

The OPTIMAXX flooring wood screws are suited for a number of materials such as Chipboard, OSB, Plywood and, MDF & Medite. The screws are available in the most common size of 4.0 x 50 and come with a FREE TORX TX20 Bit, ideal for a secure, tight fit. 

All these benefits sound good, but how does this affect my customers?

Have you got Kids? I have, and at night when they are finally asleep, and I’m trying to get around the house, I don’t want squeaking floorboards waking them up. Just by using OPTIMAXX Flooring screws you will not have to worry about this and neither will your customers. 

Are you ready to use the best flooring wood screws on the market that give you many benefits to help you with your flooring requirements and to provide benefits to your customers that they will appreciate? Get to your local stockist here: http://bit.ly/Optimaxx-Stockists

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