Flooring Screws

Extreme Performance

Optimaxx Flooring Screw

Optimaxx Extreme Performance Flooring Screws utilise many of the unique benefits Optimaxx perfected in its wood screw range and specially adapts them for use in flooring, providing additional locking threads preventing movement in the boards and squeaking.


4.0 x 55mm

500 Screws per tub (approximately)

Torx TX20

Unique 24 grooves self countersink without the need to counterbore. 

Additional locking thread secures the board preventing movement. 

Plain shank for pulling the top layer tightly to the joist without the need for clamping.

Sharp, wide, deep thread formation for fast continuous insertion. 

Sawtooth formation cut out the bottom threads to enable fast penetration.


Razor-sharp point gives an immediate precise start.

Optimaxx Tongue & Groove Screw

The Optimaxx 3.5x45mm screws have been specifically designed for tongue and groove flooring, sized to fit discretely within the joint yet loaded with features for maximum performance including the all important locking thread to prevent movement.


3.5 x 45mm

250 Screws per tub (approximately)

Countersunk Torx TX10 reduced diameter head


Additional locking thread secures board preventing movement

Razor-sharp point gives an immediate, precise start

Head Diameter (mm) Drive Type Thread Form Screw Type Available Lengths (mm) Pack Type
3.5 TORX PART* Tongue & Groove 45mm TUB
4 TORX PART* Flooring 50mm TUB