Why Optimaxx Assortment Kits might be the perfect gift for a tradesperson!

Every time it comes to a birthday or the festive season, everybody is confronted by the same recurring challenge. Christmas, for example, is the time of goodwill and gift giving however it can be difficult to hold on to such goodwill when you have spent hours searching aisles or the web for the perfect gift to give. However, if you have a tradesperson in the family, the team at Optimaxx may have the answer. Instead of buying a bottle of cheap bubbly, a pair of natty socks, or something else that is going to be hot potatoed onwards to the next unsuspecting taker, why not get them started with Optimaxx?

We offer a wide range of assortment packs and starter kits that are perfect for everybody from beginner carpenters and experienced tradespeople to avid DIYers. It may not seem like the most obvious gift option at first, but introducing someone to Optimaxx may just be the best way to kick off a new year. Optimaxx’s approach combines and builds upon the benefits of leading brands therefore offering genuine application benefit for the user and make each project that year just a little easier.

The Optimaxx Starter Pack is a convenient assortment case to begin working with Optimaxx as it comes preconfigured with 450 Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws. This is a fantastic place to start, but what if you are thinking bigger. The Optimaxx 1000pc Compact Case is a robust carry-case preconfigured with 1000 Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws. Alternatively, the Optimaxx 1200pc Midi Case offers a robust design that enables secure and convenient on-site transport without needing to worry about breakage.

Unsure whether they have the right impact bits? We also have the solution to this. By picking up the Optimaxx Maxxpack is a fantastic value kit that not only comes with a wide selection of our most popular screw sizes but also comes with the appropriate drill bit and bit holder, it is truly the ultimate value pack containing everything you need in one box.. This is the same for any of our screw tubs. Alternatively, pick the up a set of Optimaxx Pozi Bits which are also available in packs of five.

Find where you can pick up the perfect Optimaxx gift by checking out our store locator now!