How Optimaxx looked to fix the market

Optimaxx has been on the market for some time now, yet sometimes, to us, it seems like no time at all. Initially, it was difficult to break into the fixings market despite some glaring holes that we had a solution for. With the team’s decades of combined experience in the industry, we knew that with our extreme performance wood screws, we had a quality product on our hands. The question was, how to get it into customer toolkits?

Getting Started

Our sample packs were the key to getting momentum behind the Optimaxx name. Tradespeople and DIYers are rightfully steadfast when it comes to taking risks on an unproven product. Rolling the dice and buying a new screw could spell disaster if a project depends on a screw which routinely splits wood, structurally weak or is simply inefficient. Retailers and builders merchants know this better than anyone. That is why to sell to retailers, we had to get the everyday user on board first. Our sample packs allowed users to see how good Optimaxx Wood Screws were for themselves. This created an undeniable demand for Optimaxx that retailers had to listen to. Once Optimaxx began to gain traction, this created a knock-on effect that we could use to our advantage.

Next steps

With our wood screws proving to be a success. The wood screw range had allowed us to get our foot in the door, we were eager to pull it open further. That’s why we took the benefits that we had perfected with our core range and reengineered them to improve screws elsewhere on the market.

Decking was a key target for us. We knew that it is always important to remember that a decking will only last as long as the fixings which hold it together. Many screws which are marketed as “exterior” screws are not equipped with the coatings that the team at Optimaxx believe are sufficient for great decking. Therefore, by combining our winning selection of features and fantastic maxxtec exterior protection, we introduced the best decking screw to the market.

Going Forward

We continued to apply this philosophy going onwards with further product releases. Start by identifying common issues with available products, coming up with a solution and applying the Optimaxx formula to it. We then went onto produce flooring screws, Tongue & Groove Screws, Stainless Steel Decking Screws, Wallbite, impact bits, and, our latest addition, Washer Head Structural Screws.

We look to continue on our path, paving the way to a new standard in the industry.