How Optimaxx did away with the pilot hole!

For the vast majority of screws on the market, it is necessary to measure out where the screw is needed, mark the wood and then drill a small hole that will prevent the wood from splitting when drilling the screw and ensures accuracy when drilling the screw into place..  That is why, one of the most common questions our team is asked when talking to customers is about our claim that a pilot hole is not necessary when using Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws.

An extraordinary amount of research combined with years of experience in the fixings industry was key to the creation of the Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screw. They are a marriage of features from the industry’s top-performing wood screws combined to make the ultimate fixing.

The tips of our wood screws are equipped with a razor sharp point that gives an immediate yet intricately precise start to the drilling process. If you look at one of our wood screws you will also see that the thread is not a straightforward thread. Instead, it is equipped with a sawtooth serration along the length of the lower thread, these teeth are what allow the screws to bite into timber with less torque than other screws, combined with the sharp tip, this allows for a fast insertion into timber without the need for a pilot hole.

Optimaxx has quickly become one of the top UK suppliers of high-quality wood screws, while we continue to branch out and incorporate new fixings into our portfolio, our wood screws remain to be what our customers know us for best.

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