Optimaxx Washer Head Screws Now Available

We are excited to announce that Optimaxx Washer Head Screws are now available. The long-awaited addition to the Optimaxx range has landed and will make for the perfect solution to structural timber needs. Optimaxx screws are all built with the same ethos in mind, using an optimum design to achieve maximum performance. Our Washer Head Screws are no different.

The team at Optimaxx has equipped our Washer Head Screws with many of the successful design features which have made the rest of our range so effective. However, our range of Optimaxx Washer Head Screws comes with its own array of unique benefits. For instance, an additional cutting thread has been added which enlarges the hole to prevent shank obstruction. Furthermore, the point of each screw is built with a reverse thread from the very tip. This enables fast starting and reduced splitting.

The wide overlying washer head profile offers increased tightening force and pull-through resistance. They are equipped with a deep Torx drive which provides maximum torque transfer and zero cam out during use. The team at Optimaxx understands that the key to making a reliable screw that is fit for the outdoors is excellent corrosion protection. Therefore, like with our decking screws, our Washer Heads are equipped with our unique Maxxtect coating coming with a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.

Optimaxx are offering a wide selection of washer head screws meaning that users always have a reliable option available. We have both 6mm and 8mm head-diameter options. The 6mm head size is available in seven different lengths ranging from 80mm to 200mm. Meanwhile, we have eleven available lengths for our 8mm Washer Heads, with screws ranging from 80mm to 300mm lengths.

Find your local Optimaxx Stockist using the Optimaxx Store Locator and speak with them about how you can get your hands on Optimaxx Washer Head Screws.