Double up with your next Maxx Impact Bit purchase

What’s New?

Since the release of our Maxx Impact Bits range, we have heard the same common complaint about our offering time and time again. The team at Optimaxx have heard you loud and clear. We understand that, sometimes, five bits is just not enough when you are working the impact driver day in and day out.

That is why, not long ago, we quietly launched an expansion to our extensive range of Maxx Impact Bits. For those who have yet to see, we are pleased to tell you that our Impact Bit packs are now available in convenient twin packs. Meaning Optimaxx users can pick up ten impact bits instead of our usual five. This update applies to the majority of our bit sizes including PZ1, PZ2 and PZ3 as well as TX20, TX25 and TX30. Now, there is no excuse for being unprepared when buying your next set of Extreme Performance Wood Screws, Decking Screws and more.

Taking Impact Bits to the Maxx

Designed for use with impact wrenches and drivers. Optimaxx extreme performance Maxx Impact Bits are constructed using only the highest grade of steel. They are built and engineered in Germany. Plus, they have been designed, using unique cutting-edge innovation to absorb toque peaks effectively.

This significantly reduces annoying instances of “cam-out” and minimises the risk of damage to both the screw and the maxx impact bit. That is how you can be sure that the Maxx Impact Bit provides works at optimum performance with every use.


Thanks to the advance heat treatment that we use in the manufacturing process, Optimaxx Maxx Impact Bits boast an extra long working life. We can confidently say that our bits surpass the lifespan of standard screwdriver bits by up to 10 times.

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