Tongue and Groove OPTIMAXX Flooring Wood Screws

The OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Wood Screws were developed with Tradesmen in mind. The Flooring Wood Screws were built to provide application benefits to solve common issues Tradesmen are faced with when using standard Flooring Wood Screws.

The OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Tongue and Groove Flooring Wood Screws (T&G-Maxx) are perfect for Hard Oak flooring suited to blending into the material due to the colour of the flooring screw. The T&G-Maxx Flooring Wood Screws have reduced diameter head like our Decking Wood Screws to prevent splitting of the material, and it does not stand out to the naked eye.

An additional locking thread under the head of the flooring screws prevents movement of the joists while the screw is finishing its process into the timber, which provides high pull out resistance leaving no more squeaks.

Every T&G Flooring Wood Screw has a consistent slash point to give an immediate start just like a self-drill. Therefore, the T&G Flooring Wood Screws can be countersunk into wooden floors clearly, not sitting proudly above the material.

Just like all our OPTIMAXX EXTREME Performance Wood Screws, the Flooring Screws are coated with Maxxtect Superlube reducing friction to facilitate a fast-continuous insertion with less power.

The T&G Flooring Wood Screw has the same consistent three-thread saw tooth formation to pull the excess material it is replacing with the woodscrew in the material. Therefore, assisting with the process of securing a tight fit to the joists.

The Optimaxx EXTREME Performance T&G-MAXX Flooring Wood Screws are available in 3.5 x 45mm in a quantity of 250 per tub and come FREE with a TORX TX10 Drive Bit. You can find these online, or from your local stockists which you can see here. If you have any further questions about our Tongue and Groove Flooring Screws, then message us on Facebook.

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