Upcoming Optimaxx Video Content to Look Out for

At Optimaxx, we not only seek to bring you the best quality screws in the industry, but we are also trying to elevate the industry by presenting top-quality advice and content. That is why our content team is so excited about two new Optimaxx video series which are coming this year.

First, we have a new series called “Built by” in which our team partnered up with carpentry expert and influencer, Alex Burman from Erroic Carpentry. The series will showcase his knowledge of the industry and provide watchers with insight into a variety of carpentry projects. We hope that this series will be a top-quality guide for professional carpenters and DIYers alike. The series will debut with a fantastic episode giving tips about building a timber stud wall.

Later this year, we will be cranking up the ante. Following our ethos of optimum design and maximum performance, we are diving into the world of mountain biking with a series we are calling, “To the Maxx”. The series will be focusing on the building of mountain bike ramps for pro riders. We couldn’t think of any better way to demonstrate Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws than putting them to the test with some high-octane trick jumps. This series will be shooting soon so you can expect some exciting content later this year.

All this new content needs a place close to home. That’s why we are building a page here on the Optimaxx website for all of our new video content. Stay alert for more content to come.