Why Optimaxx Storage Cases are your Storage Solutions

Have you ever been in the middle of project only to find the screw you need isn’t close to hand? Then you find yourself rummaging through your toolbox, causing stress and aggravation. Keeping your wood screws organised is a great way to increase efficiency and makes life easier when on the go. For this reason, Optimaxx have developed a range of durable storage cases to keep your woodscrews organised and protected on site.

Optimaxx Compact Case

Optimaxx Compact Case

The Optimaxx Compact Case is the latest addition to the Optimaxx case range. This case is robust and compact, providing an all-round convenient solution to your woodscrew storage. Featuring seven removable and reconfigurable compartments of three sizes, the Compact Case offers convenient storage of a wide range of screw sizes.

The Compact Case is preconfigured with 1000 screws with seven popular Optimaxx woodscrew sizes. This case includes:

  • 220 3.5mm x 16mm
  • 220 3.5mm x 20mm
  • 160 4.0mm x 25mm
  • 120 4.0mm x 30mm
  • 150 4.0mm x 40mm
  • 80 5.0mm x 50mm
  • 50 5.0mm x 70mm

Optimaxx Midi Case

Optimaxx Midi Case The Optimaxx Midi Case offers a robust design that enables tradespeople to easily carry their woodscrews on the go without worrying about breakage. The case includes six interchangeable compartments of two different sizes. Therefore, offering you the opportunity to build your organiser layout according to your preference. With an ergonomic design handle, this sturdy case provides a firm grip to ensure comfortable carrying on site. The Midi Case can be purchased with an assortment of Optimaxx woodscrews, known as the ‘Optimaxx Midi Case Starter Pack’. This pack includes the following woodscrews:

  • 200 4mm x 25mm
  • 200 4mm x 30mm
  • 200 4mm x 35mm
  • 200 4mm x 45mm
  • 200 4mm x 50mm
  • 200 4mm x 70mm

Optimaxx Maxi Case

Optimaxx Maxi Case

The Maxi Case is the ultimate storage facility that’s ideal for storing a large number of woodscrews. With a heavy-duty design, this case will withstand the wear and tear you would expect to occur on site. This case provides twelve interchangeable compartments, ideal for storing a wide range of woodscrew sizes. Plus, the durable handle has been integrated to allow multiple Maxi Cases to be stacked, as well as any heavy weight items you may be carrying. The Maxi Case can be purchased with an assortment of Optimaxx woodscrews, known as the ‘Optimaxx Maxx Pack’. This pack includes the following woodscrew sizes.

  • 200 3.5mm x 20mm
  • 200 3.5mm x 25mm
  • 200 4.0mm x 30mm
  • 200 4.00mm x 35mm
  • 200 4.0mm x 40mm
  • 200 4.0mm x 50mm
  • 200 4.0mm x 60mm
  • 200 5.0mm x 50mm
  • 200 5.0mm x 70mm
  • 200 5.0mm x 80mm
  • 200 5.0mm x 100mm

The lid on both the Maxi Case and Midi Case includes indents which is designed to secure the compartments in place and prevent movement during transport. The tight fit of the lid seals the case to protect the woodscrews from water, dust and other on-site excess. Purchase your Optimaxx storage case today! Visit our store locator to find your local stockist.