Spring into decking season with Optimaxx

The days are lengthening, and the winter thaw is starting to come to an end, which means spring is just around the corner (Friday 20th March to be exact). You’re probably thinking about the lack of spring-like weather we’re having as you’re trying to heat up your workstation. However, spring is the start of decking season. In other words, a time people start improving their social and relaxing space outdoors with a new deck. So, if you’re working on new decking this spring, why not pick a deck screw that will make your project a whole lot easier and will leave the neighbours with decking envy. Here’s how Optimaxx Deck Screws can help.

No need to drill a pilot hole

Every Optimaxx deck screw has a consistent self-drill slash point which gives you an immediate start even into hard wood. Above this self-drill point is a sharp serrated saw-tooth formation of six threads which enables a fast penetration without a pilot hole, even when working close to the edge.

Secure Fit

Moisture and sunlight can cause the wooden decking to expand, causing the deck board to loosen over time. Therefore, ensuring sure you have a tight, secure fit in the joist can help to prevent any loose boards from occurring. Optimaxx deck screws feature a secondary locking thread that helps to clamp boards to the joists, therefore preventing any movement.

Splinter free finish

In addition, Optimaxx deck screws contain unique 14 grooves on the underside of the head. This allows to countersink into all materials without the need to counter bore, therefore ensuring a splinter free finish. The reduced diameter head also ensures a perfect fit within the grooves, preventing damage to the profile.

Long Lasting

Deck screws are the most underappreciated parts of a deck. These small pieces of metal must be able to hold a deck in place whilst enduring the toughest of conditions. If they fail, you’re then left with an unstable pile of wreckage instead of a usable outdoor structure. This is why it’s essential to use a long-lasting deck screw. For this reason, Optimaxx deck screws are complete with a unique Maxxguard coating with a lifetime exterior anti-corrosion guarantee and have the ability to withstand a 2000-hour salt spray test.

A safe, well-built and attractive deck adds value to your outdoor space and provides the perfect spot for entertaining guests. So, don’t screw around with your decking restoration! Head over to your local Optimaxx Stockist to grab your Optimaxx High Performance Deck Screws and achieve the top quality decking you’ve longed-for.