Reasons to love Optimaxx Woodscrews

Love is in the air, the petrol stations are flooded with red roses and you’ve had an increase in bookings from women, which can only mean one thing…Valentine’s Day. The day dedicated to spreading love and affection to the people they care about most. Whether your plans consist of treating the missus to a fancy meal or lounging in front of the TV hugging your toolbox, we want to help you get in the mood! So, we’ve put together our top 5 reasons to love Optimaxx Woodscrews.

Consistent Self-Drill Slash Point


This is a much-loved feature to the woodscrews! The thread starting at the very tip ensures you have an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces. The slash at the end of the screw is exclusive to Optimaxx and is designed to pull you in smoothly and quickly whilst pulling out the material from the hole.


Double Reinforced Collar


There are a number of complications tradespeople face with woodscrews. For example, snapping of the head and splitting wood when working close to the edge. For that reason, Optimaxx have included a double reinforced collar that strengthens the underside of the head. This is a feature no other brand on the market has, therefore making Optimaxx the strongest and most reliable woodscrew on the market.


Sawtooth Formation


Above the self-drill point is a sharp serrated saw-tooth formation of six threads. This enables a fast penetration without a pilot hole, even when working close to the edge. (What’s not to love about no more pilot holes!)


Extremely Long Lasting Woodscrews


Using long-lasting wood screws is essential for outdoor work. With most competitors failing to meet the basic 200-hour salt spray test, there’s certainly no other brand who can out do Optimaxx on their 500-hour test.


Deep Pozi


The troubles of drill bits slipping are long gone with Optimaxx thanks to the deep pozi. The pozi of the head has an unique increased depth of 1mm. This is incredibly useful when screwing in at an angle and ensures you have a tight fit to the drill bit.

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