How to drive screws without splitting the wood

Drilling screws into wood may sound like an easy task. In reality, it’s a task that involves careful preparation to avoid splitting the wood. Splitting the wood is a common problem most tradespeople and DIYers face which is caused by screwing too near the edges. As a result, this forces the fibres of the wood apart and ruins the wood. Although there are a few precautions you can take to prevent triggering this frustrating problem, Optimaxx have developed a very simple solution with their range of unique woodscrews.

What are Optimaxx Woodscrews?

Optimaxx have developed a range of woodscrews that takes woodscrew technology to a whole new level. They have incorporated in their design a range of unique features that tackles the common problems tradespeople face with woodscrews. For example, a double reinforced collar is an exclusive feature to the woodscrew market. This strengthens the underside of the head and consequently prevents the head from snapping. Optimaxx screws also feature a deep pozi with an increased depth of 1mm. This is particularly useful when screwing in at an angle and ensures you have a tight fit to the bit. Within the Optimaxx woodscrew design are another two key features that not only makes light work of driving screws into wood, but also help prevent splitting.

How do Optimaxx woodscrews prevent me from splitting the wood?

One common precaution to avoid splitting wood is to drill a pilot hole. Although this may be successful in most cases, this adds extra unnecessary prepping to your projects. Not to mention getting the hang of the technique which can take some practise. However, Optimaxx woodscrews feature a precisely cut angled slash point and serrated threads to enable an immediate start in the hardest, smoothest of surfaces without the need for a pilot hole. Not only this, but they also remove material as the screw is driven in. Therefore, making adequate space in the wood and significantly reducing the chance of splitting.

Finally, as the screw is almost completely driven in, the 24 grooves cut into the underside of the head ensure material is further removed. This provides space for the head rather than compacting it into the wood which could cause splitting. By incorporating all the best features that have been developed over many decades, Optimaxx provides an exclusive combination of features not seen before in the woodscrew market. As a result, this makes Optimaxx the very best woodscrew available and the reason for its classification as ‘Extreme Performance’.

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