The preferred option for trade professionals

Optimaxx is fast becoming the preferred choice for discerning merchants and their equally discerning end user customers. With many of the UK’s largest trade multi-channel retailers supplying Optimaxx, the range is widely available to all tradespeople. Find your local stockist today.


The preferred option for trade professionals

Optimaxx Extreme Performance Wood Screws

Optimaxx wood screws are designed to outperform established leading brands. Offering a unique combination of features in order to guarantee genuine application benefits.

Extreme Performance Decking Screws

Decking projects are only as strong and long-lasting as the screws used to build them. Introducing Optimaxx Extreme Performance Decking Screws, coated with our unique Maxxtect protection.

Stainless Steel Decking Screws

Made from A2-304 stainless steel. These Optimaxx Decking Screws are the perfect solution for composite decking as well as timber.

Optimaxx Washerhead screws

The Optimaxx Washer Head Construction Screws incorporate the best of Optimaxx to present a screw ideal for structural timber and landscaping applications.

Optimaxx Wallbite Masonry Screws

Optimaxx WallBite® is leading the way in the screw market taking screw technology to a whole new level. This specially designed masonry screw bites securely into concrete, brick, timber and more.

Optimaxx Extreme Performance Flooring Screws

Utilising the many benefits that Optimaxx perfected in our wood screw range, adapting them, and adding additional features such as an additional locking thread to make an unmatched flooring screw.

Optimax Tongue and Groove Flooring Screws

Our Tongue and Groove Flooring Screws are specially designed to be perfect for tongue and groove flooring. They are built to fit seemlessly into the joint while remaining loaded with Optimaxx’s core benefits.