Decking Screws

Extreme Performance

Introducing the Optimaxx extreme performance decking screws. Complete with a unique Maxxtect coating, giving a 20-year exterior anti-corrosion guarantee.

The slash at the end of the screw is a distinctive feature that’s designed to pull you in smoothly and quickly and pull out the material from the hole. The razor-sharp point with the thread starting at the very tip ensures you have an immediate start even with the hardest, smoothest surfaces.

With a reduced diameter head, these decking screws will always fit perfectly within the grooves, consequently preventing damage to the profile. On the underside of the screw head are 12 slots cut directly into it, making the screw an effective countersink tool without the need to counterbore. This unique feature also helps to eliminate damage to the surface being worked on.

Head Diameter (mm) Drive Type Thread Form Screw Type Available Lengths (mm) Pack Type
4.5mm TORX PART* Tongue & Groove 45mm TUB
4.8mm TORX PART* Flooring 50mm TUB


The Optimaxx Stainless Steel Decking Screws are designed to work specifically for composite decking as well as timber, these screws feature a range of excellent application benefits.

  • Serrations on the lower thread to enable quick and safe fastening
  • Along with a non-threaded shank to allow two materials to be pulled tightly together while the upper thread locks the deck board securely
  • Plus, the cylindrical head is designed for fixing into the groove of the deck board, ensuring a secure fit.

Made from A2-304 stainless steel, these screws are rust-resistant, therefore making them a suitable choice for outdoor use. With an arrow-shaped point, these screws provide a fast start without predrilling whilst minimising the risk of splintering.

Quality Decking installations demand not only that weather-resistant materials are used but also the right fixing and the new Optimaxx Stainless decking compliments not only composite but hardwood and treated timber decking ensuring the completed deck stands the test of our changing seasons and time.

  • Torx Drive maximum torque transfer.
  • Cylindrical head barely visible entry hole.
  • Top thread clamps boards to joist.
  • Arrow shaped point for a fast start and minimising risk of splintering.

Available in 200-piece tubs.